Digital Training for Entrepreneurs
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The Project

Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative strategies

Digitech is an 18-month Strategic Partnership aiming at developing a new web application as well as a platform that will catalyze and facilitate collaborations between NGOs, Associations, Social enterprises and entrepreneurs in creating partnerships and developing projects with a positive climate impact.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

The European Commission appealed to entrepreneurs to develop green business models and reduce their emissions (EC 2020) in order to reset the economic recovery on a greener path. The Third and the private sector are playing a huge role in global carbon emissions and more companies have growing emissions as we are recovering from the economic lockdown caused by the pandemic.

Facing the transformation

The Role of European Entrepreneurs

European entrepreneurs play a critical role in developing green business ideas; however, they face many hurdles in building their capacity: limited financial resources, organizational and networking capacity, and limited access to some sources of knowledge.

A Circular Economy

The Climate Law

It is ambitious, far-reaching and will impact almost all sectors of the economy. The climate law focuses on establishing a circular economy, eliminate pollution, safeguard biodiversity, and all this while creating plenty of opportunities in the green sector. The climate law will have major structural implications for the EU economy in the coming decades, impacting everything from the way we produce and use power, to how we travel, heat our homes, and even how we eat. This will provide significant opportunities for NGOs Associations, Social enterprises that are well placed to support the transition.

Understanding how these policies can affect companies and organizations will be key to them. We identified two obstacles many NGOs, association entrepreneurs face:

many NGOs, Associations, Social enterprises see climate change and sustainability as a hurdle for their business ideas

many of them are not aware of the many opportunities offered by the EU as well as about the many green technologies. There is not only a need to educate them about the opportunities offered by the green economic transition but also to strengthen their digital skills. We, therefore, propose a Cooperation Partnership which aims to be both a catalyst of collaboration between NGOs, Associations, Social enterprises and entrepreneurs as well as a knowledge-broker between the two communities

What we want to achieve

Specific Objectives


Building the capacity of organizations and training providers to develop, conduct, and evaluate climate-focused projects.

Improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff by connecting them with apps and other technologies they can use to measure their carbon emissions in their future activities/projects.



Reinforcing NGOs, associations, social enterprises’ skills and ability to better communicate the climate impact of their economic activity.

Developing new software and applications for measuring the carbon footprint of projects and organizations which can be used in other contexts Methodology / Activities Building an overview of how NGOs, associations and social enterprises can combine their efforts, through a series of meetings involving representatives from the local communities.


Let's take a look


Digitech Guide

Guidelines and instructions on how digital tools can be used in the sustainability sector

Digitech APP

A carbon emissions advanced calculator for events.

Digitech Platform

Online tool for showcasing the project results and promoting cooperation between all the parties involved

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