Kom Oslo June 22

On the 27th and 28th of June, the project partners of the Digitech project met in Oslo for a two-day meeting to kick-off face to face the project. The Norwegian Climate Network, coordinator of the project, welcomed the partner organizations from Denmark, People of 2050, Romania, APEC, and Italy, Base3.

The meeting was the opportunity for two days of fruitful work and cooperation aimed at building the best tools for Third Sector organizations willing to contribute to the reduction of our society carbon footprint on the planet. Climate heroes, that is what we want to create! Aware and educated professionals and volunteers of NGOs, associations, social cooperatives, and non-for-profit organizations who want to have a positive impact on climate. The Digitech project aims at improving the competences of educators and other adult education staff by connecting them with apps and other technologies they can use to measure their carbon emissions in their future activities and projects.

uring the meeting, partners had the chance to visit presents the climate science and the climate heroes profiles at the edutainment center of The Climate House. In line with the project objective and spirit, the first day of the meeting was held at the coworking space Sentralen which functions also as an incubator for social projects.

Now the project is entering its crucial phase with partners committed in the development of the DigiTech Guide and Web App that will represent very innovative tools for the Third Sector Organizations. Keep following us on our online channels to stay updated and help us fighting climate change!